Andrew Ojeda

Data Visualization & Analytics Expert


My Experience

I have five years experience in analytics and data visualization. My background includes the political and commercial spaces, using data to optimize supply chains and to win elections.

My Skillset

I bring a wealth of experience with SQL and am a power user of Tableau. I am comfortable with Power BI and Sisense, and have basic knowledge of R.

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My Passions

Born and raised in California, I love a day at the beach. In my free time, I'm learning Spanish or refining my graphic design skills. I enjoy cooking and learning to create new dishes.

About Me

Work Ethic

Born and raised in California, I'm laid back and cool under pressure. I'm a dedicated worker, always willing to put in the hours to get the job done. My strengths include creating more efficient processes, creative problem-solving, and marrying my love of graphic design with my data expertise for visually appealing and user friendly reports. I enjoy what I do and am known for building a fun and positive workplace culture. I love to wear colorful and amusing socks, but I'll always prefer flipflops over shoes.

Utility Player

Having played football in high school and college, I learned the value of familiarizing myself with multiple positions. Taking that attitude into the workplace has made me a utility player on my current team: I can be placed in any project on the team and find a way to create value. 

Dream Job

College Football Analyst on College GameDay

Contact Me

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