Dear Friends,

My parents had to work hard to come to this country. My father grew up as a migrant farmer helping my grandmother raise her 11 children; my mother was raised by my wonderful grandparents, both of whom worked long hours in union-operated factories. Their sacrifices have shown me the importance of perseverance in the face of the most difficult challenges. Like other Minnesotans, my family and I fought for the American dream. My parents understood anyone could succeed in the United States with a determination to succeed and a little bit of luck. With our faith, family, and hard work, I’d like to think I was a product of that determination—next year, I will be the first of my family on track to graduate college, with a Political Science degree from Macalester.

These principles have led me to where I am today: striving for the opportunity to serve you as your next State Representative. At the Capitol, I will fight to stop government from interfering with your life and your opportunities to prosper. Minnesota is at a crossroads, and I know you are tired of the failed partisan politics of both parties. Together, we will make sure your voice is heard. I’m proud to have this opportunity to stand with you and restore true representation to 64A.

Andrew A. Ojeda